Jerry's Pictures from his Canadian Fishing Trip

Black Island Resort, Lake Of The Woods

Ontario, Canada, 06 - 14 June 2003

Four boat owner's (Dave, Bob, Clyde and Roger) and 4, 1st mates (Jerry R., Bill, Carl, and Myself) traveled ~ 15 hours from Normal, Il. to Morson, Ontario. On Friday, June 6th, we stayed in Grand Rapids, MN after 12 hours on the road and finished up the rest of the drive to Morson the next day. We were all on the water heading for Black Island Resort by 10am Saturday. We left Black Island Resort the next Saturday, the 14th and drove all the way back to Normal, arriving at ~9:30pm. It was a good trip/vacation. Everybody caught fish everyday. Small-mouth Bass, Walleye, Northern Pike (and one crappie) were readily available. Gold rattle traps, Chartreuse spinners, and crawdad red split-rattler lures were the most productive.

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