Cathi, Jerry, and Kai's Wish List Page
The following are our recent gift ideas - in case you were wonderin'
(Last updated on 20 Dec 2004)

Note: Links provided may be outdated, or not in stock.
They are only meant to give one an idea of the product
described and/or competitive price ranges one could
expect when purchasing.

Jerry's (No Particular Order !)
DVDs (and DVD/CD Holders),
PC Hardware/Software
Office Supplies,
Gift Certificates,

Cathi's (No Particular Order !)
DVDs (and DVD/CD Holders),
PC Hardware/Software
Office Supplies,

Gift Certificates,
Tools ,

Toys for 18 - 30 month old toddlers,
Gift Certificates,
Blank Recordable Media
( DVD+R, DVD+RW, CDR, CDRW, ect . . .)

Computer Related (Hardware/Software):

An EXTERNAL (S)VHS to IEEE-1394 'firewire' converter box (w/ bundled software please) to be able to save/convert VHS tapes to DVD.

DVDs are always a good bet with Jerry.

(These are just ideas - Subjects that interest me - No Particular Order)

--Mythos Series DVD Set
--Hubble telescope Video
--Teddy Roosevelt
--Jimi Hendricks
--Thomas Jefferson
--Phenomenon - Lost Archives Genisis Revisited
--Ancient Mysteries - Myths and Legends (DVD)
--Secrets of the Millennium - Aliens And Man: Where Do We Ccme From (DVD)
--Founding Brothers (DVD)
--Founding Fathers - Box Set (DVD)
--A History of Britain - The Complete Collection (DVD)
--David Blaine: Fearless (DVD) (Magic)
--Koyaanisqatsi - Life Out of Balance (DVD)
--The Wicksboro Incident (DVD)
--We Are Not Alone: The Secret NASA Transmissions - The Smoking Gun (DVD)

--The Beverly Hillbillies: Vol 1 Classics (DVD)
--Waiting for Guffman (DVD)
--Comedian (DVD) Jerry Seinfeld
--George Carlin - You are all Diseased (DVD)
--Saturday Night Live - Best of Chris Farley (DVD)
--Monty Python: The Life of Python - Boxed Set (DVD)
--The Rutles: All You Need Is Cash (DVD)

The Star Wars Trilogy Box set
The Lord Of The Ring Trilogy Box Set
Indiana Jones Trilogy Box Set
Back To The Future Trilogy Box Set


Collapsible laptop work table folds to fit in laptop case:
Blackout insulating curtain liner for patio door:
"huggable hangers" to prevent slippage and shoulder marks:
Dolphin toilet flush handle:
Long flat vacuum attachment to clean inside dryer lint trap & under appliances:
Compact Windbrella:
Circuit breaker finder tool:
Folding platform truck for moving heavy boxes:
Microwave plate splatter covers:
Vacuum brush for cleaning screens:
Wraparound ear warmers available at REI or online at Plow & Hearth:
Cigarette lighter adaptor powered light "Dashlite":

Paper cutter, similar to the "mat cutter" in the Aaron Brothers ad. Capable of cutting through thick cardboard with a clean cut. Replaceable or sharpenable blade and alignment grid. Used is OK as long as it works. For cutting photos, brochures, business cards and such.

Year One gift certificate to buy things for "the Great White" ('72 Chevy Impala). ($$$$)

Car starter cable (instead of jumper cables) that connects from one car's cigarette lighter outlet to the other's. No opening hoods or dirty hands involved. Yes I know how to hook up jumper cables. But this seems a more elegant solution when AAA's not available. Seen most recently in "The Luggage Center" catalog but have seen it other places before. Around $20 but a used one would be fine so long as it works.

USB cellphone recharger. Cable that has a USB connector on one end and a power suppply connector on the other. To fit my Kyocera phone (standard round connector, 3.5mm I think) $15 or less

Briefcase-sized umbrella that won't invert in the wind. I'm always losing umbrellas so don't pay a ton for one. May in AZ there's a Freecycler who has one to give away since they never need it. Duplicates of this item are welcome and appreciated.

Space Bags of the vacuum-attachment variety, particularly the garment bags. I find the roll-it-up variety don't work as well for me.

Motorized sweater defuzzer ($10 range)

Coleman Powermate cordless, rechargeable air compressor/tire inflator (around $25)

Memory foam slippers (full-foot not backless slip-ins) (around $10)

Cathi enjoys DVDs too . . .


--Ron White - They Call Me Tater Salad (DVD)
--Larry The Cable Guy - Git-R-Done (DVD)
Any George Carlin ...
Any Bill Cosby ...
Any SNL with "full skits"
- not snippets of skits ...
The Matrix Trilogy (?) ...


Computer Related
An (S)VHS to IEEE-1394 'firewire' to be able to save VHS to DVD.


Kai's Room:

Wall decorations that have the Alphabet and numbers on it, or perhaps an Alphabet puzzles and/or counting puzzles for his age (18 - 30 months)

Age-related Books:

Hats (that stay on),
Mittens for cold rainy season,

(We already have a couple jackets for Kai)

Sweaters, Long Sleeve Shirts, Pajamas, Socks, (He wears baby size 5 shoes now and will probably through spring).

(Note: We already have a LOT of pants/overalls for Kai)

"Stackable Blocks" (per Cathi - since she's noticed that Kai is into "stacking / tearing down" lately.)

A Tricycle (or gift certificate for one).
(He has a red wagon and a blue car)

Note: We now have ALL the available "Baby Einstein" DVDs. Thank You Very Much :)

Kai regularly watches Sesame Street
(Mon - Fri) so any related Sesame Street videos and/or DVDs would be fine.